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Can I get an Amen? Wanted to give you all a little insight into our first year as dog boarders and thank all the Hometown K9 family!

About two years ago I said to my husband...."My five year plan is to open a dog boarding place." Fast forward to 18 months later and poof we had a soft opening in March of 2018 in our previously quiet home. Boy, we had no idea what was in store for us.

I am currently a practicing full time paramedic in central Washington and I have had more stresses in caring for your fur babies then I ever have in providing actual human care. Im sure this might stun you but don't let it. I believe I care more for the ones who don't have a voice then I do some people. (not all people, just know the type).

I had this crazy stupid dream to create this posh, private, and pristine environment for all your fuzzy companions. Worst thing about that dream is that neither of us have ever run a company or even considered it, neither of us have every been really good at building anything, and neither of us are really all that great with people. I had no idea all that was required of us in plan of mine. Its like tying a firecracker to your shoe, lighting it and having no way to put it out. Funny sight right? Just picture me running around like the preverbal chicken with its head cut off screaming like a crazy person all the while trying to maintain complete and utter calmness on the surface.

We have catered to over 500 boardings in the past 10 1/2 months. We have welcomed so many dogs into our lives that we can not quite keep every single one straight every time. I know more of the dogs names than the owners names and for that I apologize. I save client phone numbers with both the client name and the dog name so I have a frame of reference. This is a reflection on my poor lack of brain power.

I have picked up more dog waste than I even thought was possible, and swept up enough dog hair to provide socks for everyone in Wenatchee. Also, so you are all aware.....not sure you know this but, dogs will literally chew on anything and everything. Tell that to my couch, my shoes, a sock, dryer sheets you name it. We literally had to "baby proof" our home. One little suspect even ate an entire plate of chicken fresh off the BBQ one evening. We shouldn't have been surprised, his owner did tell us he like to surf. Counter surf that is. What should we have expected when we have welcomed these dogs into our home?

In the face of all this chaos tho, we have met some of the kindest dogs you could ever imagine. Humans too! We of course both have our favorites but all are awesome. Our hearts sung when the formerly terrified rescue pup now jumps from the vehicle as soon as she hits the driveway because she knows she's coming to see her pack. Getting home from a long work shift to a visiting dog jumping in your arms as soon as you enter the door because they are just so happy to see you, even more then my own dogs sometimes! We even got a new logo.....What do you think?

We welcome the new year and know it will be full of more surprises and of course dog hair. We look forward to all the challenges we will face and we look forward to catching up with all of you and your fur babies this year. We appreciate all of you and all the lessons we have learned over the year. Thank you to you all!!!!!!

Stay tuned for some changes in the 2019 year and guess what????? We made it a year!!!!!!!

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